Chapter 12
Improving consumer protection in the funeral sector

Who would be subject to the proposed reforms?

12.10Given the changing sector, we think that any reforms should capture all people who are providing services relating to the handling of dead bodies to the public for a fee. This would encompass, for instance, traditional funeral directors, providers of natural funerals, those who facilitate home funerals and those who carry out embalming. These could all be defined as falling within a new legislative concept of “funeral service providers” which could be defined within the Act or in regulations.

12.11We do not intend this definition to include providers of cemeteries, crematoria, or those who provide associated services not involving the direct handling of dead bodies, such as transporting the body in a casket from a chapel to a cemetery.

12.12There may be some residual definitional issues regarding the overlap between “funeral service providers” and those who provide cremation services directly to the public. While the definition should not include local-authority operated crematoria operators, we consider that it should be broad enough to encompass the small number of low-cost service providers who arrange to collect the body, provide the caskets, and cremate on-site.489
489As discussed at [10.12]–[10.13], there is increasing overlap between providers of crematoria and providers of other funeral services.