Chapter 12
Improving consumer protection in the funeral sector


12.55In this Part, we have considered the current regulatory framework for funeral directors, as required by our terms of reference. We have identified three options for reform, two of which we suggest could work well within our current legal framework to provide greater assurance to consumers without imposing undue regulatory burdens on providers. We also present for discussion a third option, which we do not favour at this stage. We invite submissions on all three reform options and we are particularly interested in receiving public feedback on the need for reform.

Consultation questions

Q11 Do you think those providing funeral services to the public should be required to proactively disclose the costs of the different components of their services? Please give your reasons.
Q12 Should those providing funeral services to the public be required to disclose their qualifications and whether or not they are accountable to an industry body responsible for enforcing standards and considering complaints?
Q13 Do you think those providing funeral services to the public should have to demonstrate they understand the laws and regulations which apply to handling human remains and have access to suitable premises and transportation methods before being allowed to operate commercially?
Q14 Do you have any other views about the way the funeral sector currently operates including whether there is a case for a mandatory code of conduct and complaints mechanism?
Q15 Do you think there is a case for requiring local authorities to provide a basic funeral service for those who wish to deal directly with a cemetery or crematorium?